Prison Is Rock Bottom

Just when someone thought life could not get any worse for him or her, they end up in prison. It is what happens to a lot of people with a drug addiction. When someone winds up in prison, it really gives them a lot of time to think about what they have done, the people they have hurt, and how bad their addiction has gotten. If that is not a wake-up call for them, I don’t believe anything will be for them. Even though I’ve lived a good, clean life and never been in prison, I can only imagine what it is like in prison and just thinking about it is scary enough for yours truly.

When a drug addict is in prison, they don’t have access to their drugs, which means they are going cold turkey. Cold turkey is incredibly difficult for someone that has become so accustomed to drugs and so used to drugs. They will have to deal with something like cocaine withdrawal ( They have grown to rely on drugs, live on drugs, and they need them desperately. It is going to be rough for them, but they have brought this situation upon themselves. One of two things will happen to them: either they are going to get better or they are going to die.

Now, no one wants to see them die, of course, but it is the reality of the situation for many people in prison and many people with serious drug addictions. After all, the addiction was serious enough to land them in prison. That is heavy stuff, people. It is not like they had it under control, although anyone in prison does not have their life under control, especially a drug addict. It forces them to really look at things and really examine where they have gone wrong. If they are smart enough, they will take this time to reexamine their lives and really go after it from a different angle.

If they are stubborn and truly addicted to the drugs, chances are they will probably die behind bars. It is not a pretty story, to say the least, but it is reality for a lot of drug addicts. I would venture to say it is a 50/50 chance in most cases. Each person responds to this type of situation differently. They either pick themselves up by their bootstraps or they fold under the pressure and they can’t handle it.

It helps if they have a good support system outside of prison waiting for them that is hoping they will get better and is rooting them on to improve their quality of life. They want to see them get better and they know they will get better. For some drug addicts, they have gotten so bad; they have alienated everyone in their life. No one wants to talk to them and no one wants anything to do with them. They have burned them so badly in the past they are through with them. In my view, everyone deserves a second chance in life.